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Space Age Computers was founded on a single principle: To give the best advice and service we can to Small Business Clients. In fact we DO NOT provide any services home users . We feel that most IT companies that service all types of users tend to overlook, or be unaware of the specialized needs of businesses. Things such as network security, domain controllers, and enterprise level backups are not done properly, or occasionally, at all. It easy to be fooled into complacency when it comes to your businesses IT needs, in fact almost all business fall under some type of compliance, mostly PCI compliance. With PCI compliance you are required to meet certain security requirements, most businesses do not read the fine print and realize that a business can be fined over $250,ooo for not meeting these requirements. The cost to meet these requirements can be less than $500 a year.

In early 2017 we got a call from a company stating that they had been hacked. We listened to this self-assessment with a bit of skepticism, and we went onsite to discover they were, in fact, hacked. As a result of them receiving a forensic investigation on the matter, it was discovered that over 10,000 credit card numbers were stolen, simply because they did not make a basic investment in their own networks security. You can read more about this incident here.

For even greater benefits, recommend us to a friend for special referral rewards. With onsite repairs and troubleshooting for the entire San Diego community, we’ll help get your computer back to optimum efficiency, guaranteed. Our team of MS and A+ certified professionals are able to provide the answers you need. So if your computer feels slow, needs constant rebooting, or if you just need some advice, give us a call at (800) 571-9645. You can also reach us by navigating the Main Menu and clicking “Contact Us“.