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There are two forms of computer maintenance: preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. In order to ensure that your computer does not face too many problems, it is always better to ensure that you take preventive measures to maintain both the hardware and software of your computer.

If you take good care of your computer, you’re less likely to see your data vanish, your computer crash, and face numerous other problems. The old adage prevention is better than cure is highly applicable for computers.

Data backup

Make multiple copies of all your existing data such as personal details and files. You can backup your data on external hard disks or you can store the data in secure cloud-based services. Backup your data periodically to ensure minimum loss in the event of a catastrophe. Backup the data on at least a weekly or monthly basis to safeguard your interests. In the event of a sudden computer crash or a virus attack, your data is likely to get corrupted or may even vanish altogether.


Always have a secure, up-to-date, trustworthy anti-virus software on your computer. Free software will be able to safeguard your system, but it having a paid anti-virus software will provide you with a greater degree of security. Update your anti-virus software whenever updates are available in order to ensure that your anti-virus has the latest form of technology to deal with malware.

Update all other programs

You should always update any program that is connected to the Internet such as your browser and web mail. Updating your browser on a periodic basis will make it harder for hackers to exploit its security flaws. You should also update your computer’s operating system regularly and most OS’s will let you know when there are any updates.

Hardware maintenance

Maintenance of your various computer parts is as important as software maintenance. Regularly clean your system to ensure that there is minimal dust on the system. You can use compressed air for purposes such as cleaning your keyboard, mouse, case etc. but be careful to not blow dust into the PC. You should also be familiar with the sounds of your computer at the time of purchase in order to spot future problems. When you have a new computer, most of the sound you hear is generated by the cooling fan. If the sound is altered drastically, it is a sign to replace your fan. If a fan is clogged with dust or if it has already failed, your computer will overheat drastically.

Your computer is comprised of numerous mechanical components that will depreciate over time just like your car. By maintaining the different parts, you can extend the lifespan of your system. Don’t keep your monitor running all the time and keep your computer in a smoke and dust free environment. Ensure that all your cables and wires are functioning smoothly and free of wear and tear. If you notice any wire deteriorating over time, change it before your hardware is fried.