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James Chisholm

After assembling his first computer at the age of 12, his mother knew he wasn’t like the other kids. Later in life, he began his technical career by providing ISP tech support to dial-up customers in the 90’s.

Since then, he’s operated several computer/software support businesses in the United States including California, Nevada and Idaho.

Several years ago, he contracted at Hewlett Packard in Boise, ID providing telephone/remote support to the HP staff including the support of over 500 software applications for the internal employee base of HP’s international operations.

Back in 1997, he worked as a Senior Cameraman and a Segment Producer on a Television Pilot about New Technology called “The T Channel”, which was sold and became ZDTV, which eventually became The “Tech TV” Network, only to be sold once again to become The G4 Network.

His contributions in creating ‘Media for Tech’ were instrumental in laying the groundwork for Famous Tech Gurus like Leo Laporte and others who appeared on Tech TV.

He also worked with the engineering team at Sony Electronics in San Diego, CA during the production of the PS1.

His very first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer followed by a Timex Sinclair 1000 and a Commodore 64. [Dinosaur Status Achieved]

Currently, he’s a highly valued team member at Space Age Computers, Inc.